Black HUCK Helmet Rack - Ventilated

TWD $3,500

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Product details

product details

HUCK handmade new product NO.2 [ Black HUCK Helmet Rack - Ventilated ]


Helmet rack into the previous generation triangle hanger air guide structure


Let your helmet can also be moisture-proof. Mildew. Deodorant effect !!!!!


Senior environmental electrostatic paint doubled the texture

Patented special angle bearing plate placed helmets more solid

With the surface of the basket empty design to increase the safety helmet breathable

Natural rubber backing protects your helmet lining

Helmet lining protects against variations and scratches

Multi-functional integration of hanging clothes hole hole, the key off the hook

And very caring glove tray placement

Let you go fast and easy!


This product can be installed on the wall screw lock!

With related accessories hanging on the door, wardrobe and office partitions!