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Payment options

PayPal uses PayNow to collect cash flow services and does not charge buyers fees. You can use credit card or ATM transfer. The security mechanism is a fair third party jointly established by Ritchie Fuchin Co., Ltd. and the bank. You can pay with ease.


1. Credit Card: VISA, Master and JCB can be used online for credit card payment at home and abroad, quickly and easily to be exempt from the door, and use VISA Verify or Master SecureCode network authentication security mechanism, please feel free to spend.


2. ATM transfer: PayNow will automatically generate an exclusive remittance account, please use the ATM ATM or counter transfer payment within the validity period, after expiration of the account will automatically expire, each designated account can only be used in the pen Order.

Shipping & delivery

1.Once the order is established, the products will be delivered within 1 ~ 3 working days (excluding holidays) and delivered via "Delivery" or "Super Store to Shop" service, limited to the island of Taiwan. Please note! Recipient address can not be PO Box.


2. After the purchase of coating order is established, there will be someone contact you to contact the appointment call coating time.


2. Special leave or other factors can not be shipped during the period, otherwise announced in the Facebook fan group, or individual by phone, e-mail to inform customers.


3. After the goods are shipped, the system will notify the customer by another email to deliver the goods. If there are any special conditions or natural disasters, the system will notify you separately.


4. Delivery of goods, the logistics industry will contact you or SMS notification, please keep the phone open, do not refuse to do not recognize the caller ID, so as not to miss the delivery of goods. If you have not received the goods for more than a week and have not received the delayed shipping notification, please contact us on the FB line at the lower right corner of the page.


5. If the recipient refuses to accept the goods, or if they have not received the information and have not taken the initiative to inform them, they will be blacklisted, which may affect your right to buy products online.

Order tracking

After the order is successfully placed, the system will automatically send "Order Notice" letter containing the details of the consumption and "Order Inquiry" button to provide status tracking. If there is a demand for change, please contact customer service on the FB line in the lower right corner of the page, and we will handle it immediately. Please note! Only the relevant information of consumers, such as the recipient's name, address, telephone number, etc., can be changed. The payment method and shipping method can not be changed.

Sales & refunds

1. According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers of "HUCK MANDEMADE" enjoy the right to restock for a period of seven days. We accept the return of consumers from the receipt of goods within seven days from the return guarantee period, as more than the same period as the acceptance shall not be returned.


2. After the return of defective products After inspection and testing, if the product itself is found to be flawless, consumers must pay all costs incurred.


3. After you receive the goods as a result of non-human factors, damage to the product, scratches, or transport damage caused by incomplete packaging, please inform our customer service as soon as possible, we will carry out product defects or damage identification, and Send the new product to you as soon as possible


4. All returned or replacement customers need to go to the site to leave a message or use fans online service, and provide the order number, return reason, your name, contact telephone number, E-mail.


5. If you ordered the goods without problems and you want to return the returned goods must be a new state, including the main product, user manual, registration reply, the surrounding parts, with gifts and other goods, or we have the right to refuse to accept the return.


6.If the goods are damaged, damaged, worn, scratched, scratched, dirty, damaged or damaged, or the invoice or the accessory missing due to improper use or disassembly by the consumers, no return will be accepted.


7. The hat rack products have been insured 10 million product liability insurance, please feel at ease to use.


8. When installing this product, please pay attention to the height of the device and the line of movement so as to avoid collisions between young children and the elderly at home.


9. This product is installed on the wall, the hanging items within 15KG limited weight, with the log linked to the accessories, the item hanging hanging within 5KG.


10. Natural rubber pad if white oxide is a normal phenomenon, wipe after use.


11. If you need to connect USB mobile phone, please put the original phone firmly.


1 purely in this site browsing and file downloads, this site does not collect any personal identity information.


2. The personal information collected on this website is only for internal order details, order inquiry, shipping notification and other purposes, including E-mail, name, telephone number, mailing address, Information. Unless otherwise stated or in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the information will not be provided to third parties or for other purposes.


3. Credit card, ATM transfer and other accounting information will be given by the third party gold stream fair treatment, this site does not collect credit card numbers, ATM accounts and other information.